An ideal blend of wisdom, skills and experience

Our Mission

To offer advisors and their client's value-for-money investment solutions that are impartial, easy to understand, and offer access to best-of-breed asset managers.

We aim to:

  • Alleviate the legislative burden on financial advisors, as they need to prove authority, skill and diligence in advising their clients on how to blend funds for a specific risk profile.
  • Act independently and impartially in providing "best-of-breed" investment solutions.
  • Simplify the complexities of investing so that advisors and clients feel comfortable in their understanding of their investments.

Our Philosophy

  • Time: "Not about timing the market, but time in the market that counts."
  • Risk: We have a multi-dimensional view on risk:
    • Individual: We tailor our solutions to cater for the right amount of risk to achieve investment objectives.
    • Performance: We invest skill and time in analysing how various fund managers perform in conjunction with each other.
    • Opportunity risk: We believe that smaller boutique asset managers have as much, if not more to offer than the known big brands.
    • Ratios: We compare our solutions to various risk measures. We use the opportunities to add value in a rising market but our focus is to minimise the risk of capital loss.
  • Diversification: Building a portfolio is not simply about choosing the best performing funds. It is critical to know which market conditions suit each underlying manager. With this information, a portfolio can be optimised to outperform its peers while exposing it to less risk. Destiny's carefully constructed solutions focus on downside protection through diversification of underlying managers.
  • Financial Coaching: Although the Destiny solutions can be used in isolation for a specific need, we strongly recommend investors to consult a qualified independent financial planner when designing a wealth allocation framework. The Destiny 1-2-3 risk profiling tool is our value-added service for financial advisors - a scientific, easy-to-understand tool which helps to determine the investor's risk tolerance and then match it with the correct Destiny solutions.